Small But Significant

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Visiting nurseries and gardening was something that I used to do a lot with my parents in my childhood. My father has always been a plant lover and it was no less than a festival for me whenever he brought his gardening tools out on Saturdays to do some planting/maintenance.

Nurturing a seed or a sapling and watching it grow into a magnificent plant always excited me and carried a sense of fulfilment. But living by myself in the past few years really disconnected me with all of these small but important things. I never really considered even having a small plant with me or taking care of it. I saw some of my friends really investing time and making efforts to do so and that made me question why I no longer do it. But having friends like that is really a plus because you can always learn from them :)

A few weeks ago @komal took me to a nursery and I couldn't believe how much I missed visiting and how incredible I ended up feeling! We went cause she wanted some plants and just before our visit, she actually gifted me a beautiful plant with some pink flowers and buds! (pictures at the end) I think this is one of the most thoughtful and meaningful gifts I have ever received <3











This is the picture of the plant in my home given to me by @komal. And I can proudly say that I water it daily, put it in sunlight for a while (as it is an indoor plant) and am taking care of it! Such a small change in my room but to be honest it HAS made a difference because I feel so happy when I am around it! <3



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Lots Of Love <3

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I am happy that it makes you happy :D

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It Does!! 100% :)

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Great experience, beautiful pictures.


Thanks :)

Very good nursery... Beautiful plants indeed!!


Oh yeah, I wish I had clicked more pictures though hehe :)