Why are kittens so cute and hard to ignore?

in photography •  last year

When I go to visit a friend of mine I always end up venturing across the street to a house that usually has a bunch of cats that stay over there. An elderly old woman that people refer to as 'Granny' loves cats and insists on trying to take care of any cat that comes to her house. Usually, the cats are pregnant or end up pregnant and there are tons of kittens everywhere. I usually end up taking pictures of the kittens and I play with them some. I have gone over there before armed with information for programs that help get animals fixed for those who are low income and or on social security in hopes that some of the cats get fixed to help curb the overpopulation of kittens. I always end wanting to bring a kitten or two home with me but I never do because I don't need any more animals myself.

I thought I would share a few pictures of some of the latest kittens that I had a hard time leaving behind. I truly think they wanted me to take them home with me. They enjoyed the attention I gave them and I enjoyed taking the pictures of them.

There was a litter of 6 but I only got pictures of 3 of them. The mother cat was a light cream colour​ but she was busy nursing a few of the kittens when I was there. There were​ 2 grey ones and one of them really liked my attention as I think​ it's rather apparent in the pictures here something about the kitten seemed sad and wanted me to pick them to bring home with me. Maybe I am just reading more into the expressions of the kittens but I do feel sad about not offering to do something more.

I find it so hard to pass by kittens and not give them my attention. I am truly am an​ animal lover and kittens are especially hard for me to pass by​ and not play with and give lots of attention to.

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Wow! Some seriously little cuties there! I'm sure their mama must be ultra proud of the way they turned out, lol! But honestly, I love cats and have one of my own They are adorable creatures and the ones in your selection of photos are no exception.

Thanks for that "warm and fuzzy" post, lol! :)

Some common houseplants poisonous to cats include: English Ivy, iris, mistletoe, philodendron, and yew.

Neutering a cat extends its life span by two or three years.

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nice write up and expression of your interest in kitties. Im very much an animal person as well and can often be found at parties etc. interacting more with the pets than the people, lol. there is an authenticity in animals that we as humans struggle to emulate. I have recently posted an article on my cat Checkas telling her story if you are interested: