Black and White Photo of the Day - Photo Story #3

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After a long break, I decided to show you another photo story that touched my heart. Photo was taken yesterday while I was sitting at the bus stop waiting for a bus.

Family Matters

Two strangers of same age living two different lives. One is looking at the other thinking how lucky he is and the other one is trying to eat the only food he could save for his lunch. 

The poor man who is sitting in the bus stop is not waiting for a bus to arrive. It is the only place which could provide him shelter. He was abandoned by his family when he needed them the most. He was admitted to a hospital when he was sick and after he got better, no one showed up to take him home. Only thing left for him was the street and he decided to live on the street. It's been months since he started living on the streets and his sickness is back. He can't hold on to anything because his hands are shivering. He is trying not to lose the bun from his hands, the only thing he could afford for his lunch.

The other person who was looking at him was waiting for a bus to arrive and he was heading to his son's home. Look at the odds. One is heading towards his family and the other one's family is going away from him. That is life. Look what happens when families abandon you when you need them the most. 

Behind an every homeless person, there is always a sad story. It makes me want to help them and I help them whenever I can. I wanted to do something for the homeless with steemit community and I couldn't get the attention I needed. You can see the post below and look at the support I got.
Community Project #1 - Buying a decent meal for homeless people.

After listening to the story I just shared with you I decided I would help them with or without your contribution. That is what I did earlier and that is what I am going to continue. Do whatever you can to help others while you can. It will make someone else happy and looking at that you will also be happy.


This post is dedicated to every single homeless person who has a sad story that anyone wouldn't even care to know.  

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