My way to DC Plane Wreck

in #photography4 years ago


Yes, you can tell you are in a desert. A black, ominous desert. No matter how hard you look you will not see anything except the horizon. The wind blows into your face, and you feel breathless and powerless. You are completely soaked by the rain that is constantly pouring. Making one step after another, you start cursing; first, the idea of taking this journey, and secondly, the fact that you are such a stubborn individual.
This is how I remember my way to DC place wreck at Sólheimasandur.







Thank you, @irreverent-dan for being such a wonderful partner in this torment ;)


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Beautifully photographed. The isolation is palpable but, I gotta say, I started seeing people in the plane. Is it haunted? Very cool.
Any idea how long it's been there?

Hi Dennis, how's going?
I dunno if it's haunted but during the summer season and in a good weather is packed with tourists. The wreck has been there for 45 years already :)

You are such a talented story teller with your photos. I love these.

Aww, thank you, Dear, for nice words. There are some moments in your life that you will never forget and this hiking to the plane wreck was one of those to me. Very intense experience but in a positive way after all :)

That's great to hear! I love times like that. I've had a few that stick with me too and some where in that moment I knew it was one of "those".

It was a pleasure @agniese 😊 despite the tormenting weather conditions.

I love how you focused on small details in some of your shots.

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