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Coverpic Subway.jpg

Past weekend, Alex and Graeme spent their days in Mexico City - the second largest metropolitan area in the Western Hemisphere, only behind New York*.

Driving in Mexico is a blast. We have snagged some nice landscape pictures and will present them in their own post, soon to come.

Graeme behind the Wheel.jpg

Hanging out with Mexican skaters

Graeme got to spend some days with his OG Skateboard friend, Soke. Read up, if you missed it!


420 in CDMX

Mexico is a hot place. You know what grows really well here? MJ. 420BLAZE. the ganj. aka the sticky icky. Granted, most cannabis you get here, is not that sticky - mostly bush-grow. However, with the optimal growing conditions comes abundance.

Played around with the black & white a little
Alex MJ.jpg

This is an ounce nug
Kora meganug.jpg

We decided to make pot-cupcakes
Weed on Scale.jpg

V for Voluntarism
Graeme Voluntarism.jpg

Unfortunately we did not have two different shades of blue - still counts though!
Steemit Cupcake.jpg

The products were very tasty and provided for some good sleep ;)

Our friends had this awesome glass pipe

It's a GIF, gif it a second to load

Graeme Perculator.gif

Munchies at Helen's

On one morning, we discovered Helen's Waffelhouse.

Alex could not even finish this portion

Damn, das looks gud.
Crepes de Fresa.jpg

We went there two days in a row. Just couldn't get enough.

What else did we do?

Climb a tree.
Graeme on Tree.jpg

And if you have time to gif, here is one final GIF!

Mexican Dance.gif

This concludes the Adventures in CDMX. Thank you for consuming the content ;)

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