Skateboarding in Mexico City OG Local Soke Emmanuel & friends (photo and video)

in skateboarding •  2 years ago  (edited)

Thanks to my friend Adrian "Joven" Mendoza, I was lucky enough to get a tour of some of the amazing skatespots in Mexico City this week with Distreeto Skateboards pro Soke!


Soke enjoying a steezy noseslide on a perfect marble ledge
Skating Pic.jpg

Gerardo's 360 flip got beaten by the rain. Next time bro!

Emmanuel Mendoza rips a switch back tail, then RIPs
(THIS IS A GIF, let it load once for fluid playtime)

Saúl & Emmanuel
Skater and Streetart.jpg

Oscar Medoza, smith-180 out

Draco hardflips with ease

Graeme&Soke.jpg Thanks Soke, Joven, and all the homies for showing me a great time in Mexico! I'll be back-


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Thanks for sharing the stoke! I've got a few skating posts in my feed, too. Upvoted!

Thanks @Daveespino!

el skate es un deporte muy entretenido, y tambien salir a pasear ya q hoy en dia muchas personas solo se la pasan metidos en casa hahaha