What Summer looks like in San Francisco

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Its funny how people always mistaken LA weather for San Francisco weather, But little do they know us Natives look up to it eveyr year!

Camera 📷Canon Mark III
Lens24-105mm Canon
EditedAdobe Lightroom
Location📍 San Francisco, SF

Alt Text Alt Text Alt Text Alt Text
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These are just so good.

Yeah I love it! I think it’s funny seeing the tourists come in the summer and then see then have to buy sweaters. Someone is getting rich off those lol

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The images look beautiful, it doesn't look like summer, it looks divine, it transports me to the shores of that beach. If it looks like this in summer in winter it must be wonderful, regards.

Yeah it’s not like all the picture perfect beach locations you would see on vacations sites. The weather is more like this half the year. But I live for it lol

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I like this kind of photos, naturally. If in summer they look like this, in winter they will be better.

fog in summer?

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The coastal waters of Northern California are cold. What this means is that the cool temperature over the ocean in the summertime causes moisture in the air to condensate. The cold waters are caused by two factors: the Californian Current bringing cold surface water from the north and also upwelling that brings cold water from the depths to the surface. Hence the fog. When it winds from the west, it can get foggy within some distance in the inland from the sea as well.

Summertime fog and cloudy skies are not unusual in the south, either. But I'm guessing the shape of the coast makes Southern California less susceptible to the effect of the ocean currents. Also, the waters aren't quite as cold.

You got that right to a T, you are %100 right about that. I used to swim in the ocean every year at the end of August the water would start to warm up from the water drifting from Hawaii

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Yeah. what happens is that during late summer (of the northern hemisphere) the entire planetary wind system begins to shift southward. Northern California gradually enters the zone where westerly winds prevail. That puts a stop to the upwelling of cold water. Paradoxically, the weakening of the power of the sun coincides with the surface waters getting warmer.

This location is very beautiful
I wanna to come here and enjoy this beautiful place for once in my life
And you are such a good photographer

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These views are absolutely magical 😍

I've yet to visit SF, and photos like this make me drive that location higher up on my bucket list.

Adobe lightroom or photoshop cc ?

I used Lightroom to edit these.

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Absolutely beautiful photos!

Wow! Amazed by the beauty of such beaches. ^^

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WOW!! It's extraordinary, it's beautiful. I have never experienced anything similar, places like this, worth visiting. Greetings from Colombia :)

Great photographs loved it:)

Thanks, means allot!

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I loved the photographs.Amazing!