Lets get lost together

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Its the end of summer and the fog just keeps on rolling in, Working on some new visuals to share with you guys soon!

Camera 📷Leica SL
Lens24-90mm Leica
EditedAdobe Lightroom
Location📍 San Francisco, SF

Alt Text Alt Text Alt Text Alt Text
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extraordinary picture.
greetings from Aceh, Indonesia

Thank you, And Warm welcome from San Francisco!

Makes me want to swim and fly.
Calm. Great tone.

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That's.. stunning! Great dynamics and interesting composition

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That was so beautiful!

Great composition— love the clouds/fog being used as empty (yet dynamic) space.

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This could be a great escape!

Impressive photo.

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Amazing shot!!

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that is one really good image

I'd rather lost in this kind of place!

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