@abh12345 Illustrated

A selection of sporting / activity related photos captured with old cameras and vhs tapes.

Yes, there is not one high quality photo in this post, but the images within I will cherish forever.


My first love, although being in the goal as shown below was never a love of mine. I guess it was my turn to stand on one leg with an orange ball.


Flaired jeans and a parker coat, this must be circa 1985 and our old back garden. Home of many dribble along that ridge that kept the ball in line.



Indoors, outdoors, or somewhere in-between. If there's a pool table around my pound (or peseta) will be down and I'm looking for a game.

Nice England Shellsuit here - I think it was the full kit and so I'm glad the table is hiding half.


Always use a visor when playing Pool outdoors.


First lads holiday, 17 I think. Looks like the yellow is going to miss.



Ahh, the 'Super Tough Raleigh Burner' BMX: I loved that bike. I upgraded to the gold one a year or two later and have just checked the price on ebay. Damnnnn.




No idea what i'm holding onto there,and this is a better shot of my brother than I.

Water Sports

Inflatable bed (and it was my bed for this holiday) surfing:


See mother, me and my brother can play nicely together sometimes :P


Taken in New Zealand just before going down into a cave on an inflatable ring.......



The 42 metre sprint - Rob C. next to me looks a bit worried, right?

I think I lost the sprint but won the big event of the day:


Motor Racing



A smile only a mother could love :)

Altitude Sports

'Climb up this pole and jump for the swing so I can take a photo', she said:


'Jump out towards those snowy mountains', he said:


I look a bit sheepish on this one. Probably because in twenty minutes I'll be jumping out of what i'm standing in front of.


Proof of sorts, you can tell its me from the dimples :P


I know some don't like sharing themselves too much on Steem and that's cool, but I do appreciate posts that discuss and present your life, past, present, and future.




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Amazing and beautiful photos ,the whole photos looks clear and nice also

You are quite an allrounder.
I still remember that sack race when I was a kid. We used to have in our school. A difficult race but surprisingly I used to do good.
Not in your picture, but the long jump was the other one, I was good at.

Thanks for the comment. Yeah I enjoyed, and still do, games and activities. Long jump wasn't my favourite but I'd give it a go - not fast enough down the runway was one of the issues I had :)

Not quite as un pc as @pennsif's black and white minstrils (the 'mong' face) nonetheless amusing.

Funny how these have got one foot in my generation and one foot in the next... I guess that's 'cos I'm about 5 years older.

I used to love those coloured viser caps!

How many secondary accounts have you got now and have you actually been outdoors this summer?

I didn't quite know how to describe that look and so thanks for 'non-PC mong face' 😂

The photos span almost two decades from early-mid 80s to 2002. Shit... almost two decades since the latest picture!

Viser cap was doing nothing for sun protection but did make you feel cool at the time.

A dozen or so, and outside has happened on a handful of occasions this year - pub mainly.

Its good to see some old photos there. I just see how you are really into physical activities and its really great. A good way of enjoying yourself and at the same time fulfilling some memorable moments.

Thank very much :)

Those are some classics. Thanks for sharing. I always loved a good potato 🥔 sack race.

I was just home visiting family recently. Went through lots of old photos, and video skits my friends and I made for school... sorted through a box of poetry I have stored.
I too enjoy this life’s time line and peeking into others who are willing to share. I’d love to get some one to digitize this old stuff.
Though I also love the tactile way of digging through an old dusty box of memories. 😎

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I snapped a digital photo of this old photo. This is buttcoins in 1999... the first solo adventure down to Ecuador, hiking with some random back packers. Perhaps the only photo proof that i once sorta had a six pack.

A 6 pack and part of the jungle attached to your chest it seems! 😂👍🏽

Yes, not all rainforest are in decline... that there jungle has become quite the habitat since that photo. Lol. And it also seems i might have just pissed myself... 😂

hahaha :D A full % of the earths oxygen supply right there!

Cool yeah it's good to get a look inside people's lives, mine fair bog standard but filled with epicly bad clothing!

I'm slowly losing those dusty boxes due to no fixed abode and so I'm glad these are in the cloud and now on the chain. Cheers!

This post is gold! Good times you had at the time of the photos and in reminiscing I'm sure.

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I did, thanks! Took me longer than expected to organise and present as I'd be drifting back and thinking I'd quite like to have another go!

I'd like to hear more about the various elements...That motor racing event for instance. I think there's a story many would like to hear...And that visor...Come on, stop holding out! 😆

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Surprisingly, the motor racing event isn't too fresh in the memory but the visor was attracting major attention from the ladies on the costa del sol back in '89.

The skydive and bungy I have on tape, digitized now and I think they could make an appearance at some point.

Well, I'm not surprised the laydeez were all over that visor bro...It's boss.

I've bungeed, AJ Jacket bugee in Cairns, Australia. Was cool.

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Yeah that one was AJ Hackett just outside Queenstown in NZ. I did have the option of doing the 134 metre Nevis one but didn't fancy it!

I'm in Queenstown in October, may smash out a jump. 😊 Will see on the day.

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Doo it! Don't forget the Steem t-shirt and the video.

I loved it. I also love everywhere I go there is a comment from @abh12345!

Putting your money where your mouth is.

PS I thought the smile was adorable. But then again I am a mom.

Thank you!

abh12345.something - I've hired a few staff members to keep up!

I owe someone a lot for the time they spent digitizing 1000's of my photos, especially as I now have some material to use in the occasional #creativecoin tagged post.

It could have been a better smile - can't change it now though :)

Just watched @buttcoins video that you shared, ace!

EDIT: Damn, wrong account again. That's 3 in this comments section alone!

hahaha. I'm just doing it all on my main account, I can't handle all that switching. I'm already annoyed with @adsup

...The best time..It's the best times when sport was everyday in my life. Great photos. What is the next challenge in sport?😀

The next challenge is to get out of bed and get my legs moving!

What I loved most was the football part - you're fat better than Allison Becker.

You stopped the ball with just one hand and one leg floating! :)

haha, one leg floating :)

Strange position to be in isn't it - the camera is playing tricks!

Ah, old memories, it is always fascinating to go back in time and re-live old good times through pictures and movies. I damn care about the quality of the pics and vids, these are the most precious ones.

Yeah I enjoy putting this one together, thanks for dropping by :)

Wow - seriously cool!!! I love all these old photos, they are true treasures, really something to keep close and look back to from time to time :-)

I'm very busy thinking how to archive some old shots myself, funded an app on Kickstarter that can digitize the negatives (!) at high quality and will probably go to my parents at some point just to do exactly that :D

Good to see you have so much fun on the sportstalk front! <3

Thank you!

A kind friend digitized all my old photo albums - it took her weeks and I should probably set a benefactor reward when I use them (although she has no Steem account, yet!)

I'm really enjoying the tribes and find there is much opportunity to diversify content. Cheers :D

Hey sir, you are lucky to have such adventures in early days of your life. It seems like you have been imbibed sporting culture right from the start. Not everyone has the privilege to have such outdoor activities at such an early age of life. Now when you are sharing all the shots and remembering those moments, it must have been feeling joyful for you.

haha! howdy sir Asher! These are all great and your comments are so funny too. I bet you and your brother fought like cats and dogs! Are you still close?

Oh we did, we were terrible :)

I guess we are quite close, but don't see each other that much at present as I've been out of the country and we live in difference cities.

I wouldn't kick the ball at his head these days, he's bigger than me now!

haha! Howdy today sir Asher! Oh, you are older so you used to pick on him? I have 3 brothers and we fought like wild animals, lucky someone didn't get killed!

From snooker to bungee jumping is a good improvement eheheh

Yeah, back to the Snooker/Pool these days!

@abh12345.sports, Definitely these memories are unforgettable and in my opinion definitely these kind of memories will make us emotional when we know that these will never return but that's the beauty of life, if we can relive the moments then how we will going to call these as memorable moments. Stay blessed brother.

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Love these photos @abh12345 you must have been going through the family photos... ah the memories :) You certainly were a sweet adventurous little guy I'm sure you and your brother are great pals now. Moms love to take pictures don't they? lol

Lots of memories yes :)

Me and my brother are on good terms these days, better than the teenage years at least!

And yes, mum did like the camera, as did my grandad but I'm glad they managed to snap a few photos now :)

Indoors, outdoors, or somewhere in-between. If there's a pool table around my pound (or peseta) will be down and I'm looking for a game.

Shit mate!! you should win the lottery or something to buy me a flight ticket to SF4. Looking forward to snatch you a few (many) of your multiple Steem & Tribes tokens on a good pool match to continue on my way to Spain after a Thai fest blast. };)

Yeah! you are allowed to use your 'Pool Visor' Hahahaha. ;p

I wont be attending unless i find $5000 on the floor - maybe I'll wear my lucky visor :D

I will keep my fingers crossed so you can find those $5000 on the floor and buy us both a plane ticket to SF4. I almost can't wait to see how we kick our ass each other on a good batch of pool/snooker matches shaking up around a good amount of Steem & Tribes tokens from the gamblers/bettors audience.

Yeah! I will grant you the advantage to wear your lucky visor during the strife. };)

All the photos are cool, those are the best photos, the memories of when we were children. I had a bike just like yours but it was red.

and this phrase made me laugh, hahaha

A smile only a mother could love :)

Yes they are - and at the time I never wanted them taking :)

Well, it's not the best face I've ever pulled!

Wow! Pretty active there! No wonder why you can still get on the bike and get going!

I have my moments :D

I am very interested in photographs of all time. This is another opportunity to plunge into the past and once again recall what pleased us and made us happy. Time flies so fast that it all turns into a distant past, as it seems to me. There is only a moment between the past and the future, it is he who is called life.

Those are some awesome memories you have! I'll admit, I will likely never find the courage to jump off things like that, but it's great to see people grasp life by the horns and shake it around!

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