Street Photography at Hong Kong

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A Photo-Diary

If I would given a chance to go back to a place where I have been I would choose Hong Kong.

Here are some of the photos I captured during my trip in the past. I used Nikkon D3200.


What fascinates me in this country is the mixture of modern and traditional culture. I can still see the architecture that I just used to see on my books before , ( and googled) along with the modern infrastructures.
I love how the transportation in this place can take you from end to end in just a short period of time. Their train is so clean too.
I also love the noodles and street food!The air is clean ,too.

I also enjoyed their lighting design on each street and buildings, it's so amusing and perfect for every photo. It makes the country more alive, imo.
In a short period of time, I can say that I really love their culture. I wish I could have stayed a little longer.

And that's me ! Wandering and wondering around the place and culture.

I hope you all like it, thanks for dropping by!

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