“In the Spotlight” – Johannes Rousseau aka @evergreen365 - Day 4

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This week Johannes Rousseau aka @evergreen365 is

“In the Spotlight”

and I am honoured to share some of his awesome photography

"Enjoy! And please do leave a compliment/comment below!








(all photos shared with permission of @evergreen365)

Thank you, Johannes for sharing your breathtaking photos with us.

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If you want to see more of Johannes’s photos please visit his website!

I would like to invite you to visit @evergreen365’s profile where you can see more of his awesome photography and follow his adventures more closely.

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Thank you, Johannes, you truly are an inspiration to us all!

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These photos are gorgeous! The second last is my favorite!


I agree with you @centrinemedia, @evergreen365 is really a good photographer.

we must give thanks for being alive and being able to admire things as beautiful as those in the photos


you are so right, we often forget to look around and take in all the beauty around us.

Absolutely beautiful!!


I agree 100% another very talented photographer, and I love that his photos are not so over edited!

Woo, so much eye candy!