How much time do you spend for your photo?

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Hey everyone, I am back. I hope you didn't think i stopped photographing. Lately I have been having some troubles with weather. I went on a couple of photographing trips and I just couldn't get the photo I wanted. It was really bad weather in my country. So i decided to go photograph few waterfalls since you don't need any particular weather for them. That's why you could see quite few waterfalls on my blog lately.

I went to this place called Hell, no idea why is it called this but it's actually really beautiful with 5 waterfalls. I was thinking maybe it's called hell because it's not easy to hike. You have to climb walls and climb really weird stairs but when you do it you reach those beautiful and big waterfalls. I might even do a video of walkthrough of this place because it's really fun to hike. But anyways i found this beautiful waterfall which wasn't that big but i found interesting composition on it with leading lines. It took me few photos to get that composition and after i found it i had to do like 6 photos because sadly my kit lens is not wide enough so in the end i did panorama of 6 photos. There is nothing wrong if you don't have wide lens enough and you need to stack photos. You actually get better quality and a lot of focus on that photo. It's really great and i actually did it for the first time ! I like to spend as much time as i have to once i find that nice composition. I like to focus every corner of the photo because you never know when it's going to be out of focus on the big screen. Ofcourse most of the time is spent in editing part, which is really exciting and with every photo i learn something new !

Photographing waterfalls is not as easy as it seems. it's hard to reach or find the right composition since you camera is getting wet and you actually have to be in the water. But it's really fun and after some work you can accomplish great picture. How long do you usually spend to take one photo?


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Rad shot. I'd be interested to see what the hike to the location looks like. Sounds like an interesting terrain

it really is ! I am thinking of going back and record it properly :)

you use photoshop for panorama? Any tutorial video you have fo rreference?
You can't say that this photo is stiched as it looks like one single image.

I do use photoshop. It's really easy photoshop does it automaticly. might do the tutorial bymyself. there is an option in photoshop to do it. Yeah it's panorama and then cropped :) and it's made out of vertical photos

Did you move the tripod from its position? or just moved its head while taking the 6 images?

just move the head. good idea for video, how i do panorama on field with camera and in post process :)

Yes, you should vlog about it.

I love it this place, take me with you!
I see your picture and it inspires me peace and harmony. You're good at taking pictures, keep it up! a kiss!

thank you very much, i appreciate it ! waiting for you to visit me :D

I don't take long to shoot a picture because I'm not pro like you. I do take time to decide what to capture and make sure lighting and composition are good.

I do spend time editing....even though I don't edit much, I learn a lot from doing so. I've never stacked photos.

Your shot is fabulous. Be proud of this's gorgeous!!

I laughed at the name of the waterfall area....Hell. We have a large waterfall near us and it's called the Devil's Punchbowl. But, it's dangerous and many have fallen to their deaths trying to get close to the fenced off edge to take a picture.

Everytime i learn something new and that's why i spend more and more time on photos. at first i didn't either but you will eventually. I am thinking of making some tutorials how to take photography on next level :)

yes the name is really strange and it was pretty dangerous aswell so that's why it might be called hell. You actually have to be brave to go there alone if something happens to you no one will find you !

That does sound dangerous. Geez.....I have nightmares about such things :)

I would love to learn from any tutorial you give. I've been watching youtube videos by Chris Bray. He's helpful but I need to practice and be purposeful rather than just go out and take pictures.

WOW. exceptionally long exposure and excellent color tones. there must be called heaven!
I congratulate you for the wonderful attraction

Thank you so much !!

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