Wacthing the Sun Go Down - Wedding Photo of the Day #38

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Watching the Sun Go Down

For today's "wedding photo of the day" I am choosing a shot I took last year of some of our good friends getting married. They were blessed with this amazing sunset after their meal and we just knew we had to go out and get some couple portraits with them! I am kind of against the whole cropping of heads trend, and try and stay away from it, but for this photo I wanted it to me universal to all couples so I thought by framing it like this it put more emphasis on their hands together and meant that even if you don't know the couple you could relate to this shot. This light was so amazing we could have stayed out there all evening getting shots, but our aim is to always make sure we aren't taking the couples away from their guests more than we need to! The golden hour is always a good time to shoot and even better when you are in a field of corn! It's also so amazing to know our fiends have this printed huge on their wall!


- Verity x
Photography by me and copyrighted to me.
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OMG! Verity! Absolutely beautiful! I love reading your posts, I know my eyes will be treated to something joyous! x

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Awww thank you!! So glad you like it! xx

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It is one of the most loving couple picture I've ever seen! (You probably know how nervous some couples can look on the day).

Thank you!! Yes I do, and its our aim to make them feel as comfortable as possible!

Love it. I detinitely think the crop worked beautifully for this shot. And I love her stance! Very powerful like she's ready to step into whatever adventure comes her way.

Thank you!! Glad you think the drop worked too! Yes I loved how she was stood too!

Great capture!!

Thank you!!

best moment picture, good job my friend @vtravels

Thank you so much :)

There seems to be people blocking the sunset ;)

Lovely shot.

Hahaha I know how rude right!!

Beautiful glow! And I think the framing works well too. Resteemed!

Wow thank you so much!!! Amazing! :)

Awesome picture to a magic moment! :)

Thank you so much :)

This is beautiful and perfect in so many ways. It's so romantic. The mood, the composition, the colours. Just perfect.

Thank you so much for your kind words @gabyoraa !

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