for September 3rd

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For September 3rd

Opening night is a ways off, with thirty-eight moons to come.

October 10th, 2018

All I see is blue dolphins.

As I sit at the table next to Joe, in Wilson’s Diner, ready to order his special, it’s almost nostalgic to think of the first week, nearly one year ago, I spent learning how to blog again.

I was familiar with tumblr to an extent, and even tried running a Facebook page for my favorite online streetwear store, but writing and editing content for literary purposes was new.

My first couple of posts were quite lame; excuses aside, I tried posting for photography contests and giving cheesy one liners for captions. My posts weren’t typeset, formatted with form, and overall clunky. An inspired anecdote, one casting my doubts aside and divulging my innermost thoughts, was my first step forward.

Attached is a post from eleven months prior.

Pictured @mlicata8802

My posts lately follow the same flow: contemplation of myself, surroundings, and the journey forward, as well as some of the visuals I deemed most pleasing. The ultimate change to my art since a year ago, is the platform I’ve found for sharing my works.

For anyone with doubts about how to move forward, I suggest chronicling your thoughts. The ability to browse your past thoughts, reflect, create new work, all at your own fingertips is remarkable.

Click the pic to visit the portfolio.

Gallery Update

Opening Night: October 10th, 2018

Take note of the changed gallery date. Details to come.

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