Wedding Photo of the Day 25/05

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It's been a busy couple of weeks here in Yorkshire, as usual for this time of year I guess! Likewise I seem to have gone through my usual bit of 'pre competition illness' that has meant I've done little to no training in the weeks leading up to my Half Ironman on the 3rd of June (Not unlike last year, although this year there's no stress fracture so that's a bonus!)

On the plus side @aussieninja will be pleased to hear my Ninja Training has resumed, watching Series 4 of Ninja Warrior UK airing at the moment has given me that yearly motivation boost!


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I literally could not be more pleased to hear that man! Jump on the @dtube bandwagon with me man! Gotten two decent payouts in the first week(ish).


Haha I wouldn't know what to post on dtube to be honest! I thought about doing my photo news as a video one as well but then decided that would be even more work and my poor laptop couldn't handle an edit!


Hahaha, that's fair... I uploaded a video from the hotel.. and it zipped by... whereas my farm internet in Portland takes overnight... so I hear you man... my lappy is in struggletown these days.

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Yay for getting back to training!!

This is awesome. Resteemed!