I'm back! After a few months I'm back with some photographs.

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I was about 3 months or maybe a little more separated from Steemit. But I have returned with some photographs that I took with a spectacular dancer, Camila Tikas.

The main idea was to portray a jacket to obtain fashion-style photographs. One of the things that worked quite well when taking the photos, is that the model is a dancer. He incorporated mobility into the body and we managed to take some particular photographs. As always, I am a lover of fleeting moments. That means I was almost always with the camera in my eye rescuing as much as I could.

The photos were made in a place called "El Volcán", it remains by La Trinidad. I decided to make them with sunset light, between 4 and 6 in the afternoon, since I wanted a more direct light to be able to play with back, front or side light. However, that day was somewhat cloudy. It is a pretty beautiful mountain that is usually traveled by people who exercise and others who do sports like Motocross.

I used my faithful Canon T2i with 18-55mm and 50mm lenses. For the development I used Lightroom.








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This is so awesome! Thank you so much to support!!

people that are gifted with photography continue to impress me, this series included. In a day and age of instagram models using the latest Iphone and beauty filters and what not, it is nice to see that there is still a real art out there. Good stuff!

Thanks for sharing and upvote!! That helps me a lot!! I really appreciate it!

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That's so awesome!!! Thank you very much!!

Nice shots in motions, I think for photographer it is very important to have a model who understands what you want to capture and how that harmony play a great role for the final result for the work.

Thanks!! Of course, the model and the photographer have to being connected to make a beautiful job. I usually explain them what do I want before start taking pictures. I have to make sure that we're in the same harmony. That applies to me too. If they want to take pictures with me, I need to be familiar with what they want to do.

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OMG! This is so great!! Thank you thank you!

dear @segapema, this is a really beautiful post! your model is beautiful and her movements are intriguing, sensual and soft, all emotions that you can convey very well with your fantastic photos. are you a professional photographer or is it your passion? keep on and thanks for sharing :-))

Hi!! Thank you man! It's my passion doing photograhps! I started in 2015 and every day I learn something new!

Good shots. I really liked the last picture; the inclination of the landscape, the contrapicado and the depth of field were great. A cordial greeting @segapema

Muchas gracias!! Soy Venezolano también! Esa montaña tiene una vista hermosísima! Componer en ella fue divertido! Un saludo!

Hello Hello!

I am very happy that you have returned to the platform, you are a great and professional photographer, your photos are very artistic for me

Greetings from Venezuela

Holaaa!! Me llena de alegría escuchar esto! Agradezco muchísimo tu apoyo!! De verdad que todos me han hecho el día al ver sus votos y comentarios! Un saludo desde Venezuela también! :)

Great photos! I hope you will stick around this time :) Whatever made you take a break I am glad to hear that you returned as we need all the Steemians that we can get :)

Thank you so much!!! I will post more often this time! Here I find people really nice like you that support all the work made with passion and love! I really appreciated!