Mountains, Hikes and Missing "1day" MVPs

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It's been another few days here in Lofoten. It's certianly looking like my one day MVP has turned into a one week MVP. Not really too much wrong with that other than it being another example of my ability to over estimate how much I can get done.

Opening a text editor and starting a new project after spending the previous 5 weeks crossing Europe on a bike... who could have guessed that coding might be a little tricky than expected!? A combination of feature creep and slow progress means I'll try again to hit that git push button tomorrow.

Part of the trick here is working when the weather is not so good and getting outside when it is. The weathers been pretty spectacular the last few days. Check this view from Tuesday Evening.


The view from the kitchen window at The Arcticcoworking Lodge... Not joking

Hiking Hoven in Gimsøya was on yesterdays to-do list. A fairly straightforward hike with 1mile and 368meters of elevation. The cool part bout Hoven is that it's surrounded by completely flat land, so there's a large hike-able peak just out in the open, rising straight from sea level. Many of the trails in Lofoten are surrounded by other peaks and it makes a change to have an open view.


Hoven - Gimsøya - DJI Mavic Pro

As always I packed the drone for a cheeky fly. Can't beat shots with a mountain backdrop and a mountain foreground. Over these past few weeks across Europe and into Norway i've been far more cautious with the drone. I've always flown carefully but now I'm making more of an effort not to ruin other people experience of nature. I've been waiting until there are no people in sight before flying the drone.


Mountain backdrop - Hiking with Terri

Slightly different plan today. After putting together a landing page for [insert project name] and sharing some ideas at the Lodge family meeting I took the drone on a little run. I remembered the SD card this time . I didn't expect to get any exciting shots but when the sun peaked from behind the clouds to cast light on the small town/beach of Unstad I was pretty pleased. A lot of photography is just about light. When the light is good here, It's not just good, it's really good.


Unstad - Lofoten

I got a CR (Course Record) on this run STRAVA, sure only 18 people have ever tracked running this route but I'll still take that number one spot thank you. 🚀Join me on Strava?

If you haven't guessed already there are some pretty cool places to go hiking out here. I know not everyone will get a chance to visit so I'm happy I can share some of the views with you all. Hope you are good.

✌️Br right back - 👨🏼‍💻⛰🏃‍♂️

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Excellent photos!!! very good place for an excursion and as you say not all have the pleasure of enjoying those beauties that nature gives us.

I appreciate that people like you show these places that not everyone has the happiness to know.


Thanks, glad you are enjoying the photos! :)

These views are breath-taking! I'd think any work one would have to do here would be aided by the scenery. Of course, you have to work and then go out and enjoy it, but I find giving myself a 'reward' like that makes me work all the harder!


Yes it can be difficult to get the balance correct but it certainly works well as a reward!

Awesome photos. Put visit Lofoten into my bucket list.

Good luck with your MVP, curious what it will be. And good to see that you still suffer from shiny objects syndrome like myself :)


shiny objects syndrome certainly an affliction of mine

Beautiful shots. I love the "kitchen window" one. I thought you must have trekked to some secluded spot to find this magnificent view. How lucky to have that view out your window! :)


This part of Norway is simply spectacular. it's like this everywhere you look. :)

that kind of places is where "the time stop" Ufff hard to explain man. Enjoy!

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