Happy Monday From Lofoten 👋

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🚀🌊🏔 Hey Hey, happy Monday. 😄

Thought I could share some extra photos this morning! Hope everyone is doing well.

I take less photos than you might think. Every where you look out here feels like a movie set.

With a camera it’s easy to start confusing reality with a fake version you create with the lens. You take photos in great light, with a good composition, of an interesting subject. Life isn’t like that and I don’t want my memories to feel like that.

With an effort to not only capture “movie moments” I’ve ended up using my camera/drone less and my phone more. Perhaps a smaller, more subtle, easier to equip camera might help with this? Anyone have any ideas or had similar thoughts?

That said here’s a bunch of photos from the past week, all of these are shot on the Mavic. Not sure photos of my friend buying sun dried tomatoes would be as interesting for you?

They may or may not look like scenes from a movie set in the Arctic. :)


The neighbourhood 👨‍🚀


Local Pool 🏊‍♂️


High Noon - 😅


Would you walk over snow to surf?


All day sunrise/sunset - When it works 🙌


Busy line-up on the weekend


Midday - pretty dark out there when there is cloud cover

✌️Have fun out there - Happy Monday


Wow Sam this is insane..... Jesus..this place looks so epic. It’s decided- we must visit you. Hehe

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haha yeah for sure! Get your fill of cheap smoothies before coming, you can't find them here! 😃

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