Glowing spider webs - #monomad contest

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I woke up early this morning and felt the need to hop on the bike for some exercise. I said to myself, man take the camera with you maybe you will find something interesting to shoot this morning. It was still dark outside when I headed towards the Vacaresti delta in Bucharest. I took my nikkor 70-300mm hoping I could do some bird photography. I was riding with one hand on the bike handle and with the other one I was holding my precious d750 :) witch was quite a challenge considering the wet and humpy terrain. Anyways, the sun was just about to make its appearance when I spotted a spider web with dew on it that was glowing in my face. I said to myself, Wow, that is so cool, forget the birds ( I guess they were not even awake at that hour ) lets shoot some webs against the sun.


#monochromephotography This is my ORIGINAL CONTENT. Follow, Upvote and Resteem if you like it. Thank you

I was circling the web trying to find the best composition and also to keep a good distance from my subject because my telephoto lens is not suited for this kind of macro shots and could not focus from close. After I finished shooting and felt quite accomplished :)))


#monochromephotography This is my ORIGINAL CONTENT. Follow, Upvote and Resteem if you like it. Thank you

I turn around and saw not one, not two but tens of spider webs glowing in the sun. I selected a few shots and I will be back with some more and also the colored version. Enjoy !


#monochromephotography This is my ORIGINAL CONTENT. Follow, Upvote and Resteem if you like it. Thank you


Settings 300mm f/5.6 1/320 / ISO-100
CameraNikon D750
LensNikkor 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6G
LocationBucharest - Romania
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Nice shots @photovitamin 😉 would like to see the coloured version. Uhm.. morning always amazing, right? Thanks for sharing your story with us ..
I found your post through @pardinus entry post in the pay it forward contest this week.

That's a great shot. You can make it happen. I has seen a lot of spider webs but never got ideas like you.
Thanks @pardinus for choosing this post in payitforward curation contest.

Cycling on one hand while holding a camera on the other can be dangerous especially when it is still dark. You should get a backpack or sling bag for the camera. 😊

You were biking and saw those webs? Along the road or pathway? How close were you with those shots? Have you got the colored version? I wonder if you can also post them for comparison. That is to say I like the colored photos better. 😃 Kidding aside, you got good shots there. I would think those were taken at dusk if you haven't mentioned early morning.

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Thank you so much guys !!!

Fantastic shots! I have always been drawn to spider web images. Yours look great in the black and white.
I came over because your post was featured in this weeks pay it forward curation contest by @pardinus.

Nice shots. I applaud the patience of people like you. I just want a point and shoot camera, I can't be bothered about changing lenses and carrying around a big case to store them with me, at all times. 😂😂😂

Thanks for sharing.

PS: I've found you after @pardinus featured you in his entry for the Pay It Forward Contest

Great work, loved the photos! Featured you on this week @pifc.


Thank you very much !

While I'm not a fan of spiders, their handy work is amazing. It is art itself and you have definitely proven that. I think you found the right angles for the pictures, the are wonderful. Easy to tell the focal point and the surrounding add to the beauty. Keep up the great work.