Everything in Threes

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Numbers and their associations fascinate me. The meanings and superstitions we seek and assign. I’ve gone through phases where I obsessively photograph specific numbers or even types of number manifestations (some of you may remember my numbered fence series).

Lately I’ve been stumbling across things in threes quite a bit...or at least I’ve been particularly conscious of it. And that old saying about good - or bad - things always happening in threes is banging on my brain.

I’m not going to say I’m starting a new series because I generally lose interest or motivation to do something as soon as I publicly declare it. But I feel obligated to do at least two more pieces.

I found these beauties in a brand new gallery space in DT L.A. while wandering about with A friend. It’s not yet opened or named. I inserted myself into the mix and will likely be showing there. One of the owner/artists was dressing and moving these mannequins as I shot so they’ll never look quite this way ever again. I’m compelled to include this photo in my exhibit there.

I want to say this is one of three things going on in my life right now. It feels as if it is. But I’m probably projecting.


would be nice to see new post from u, pretty nice pics in all your blog

Awww thank you. 😊

u very welcome :) i'll be waiting! hahahah :P

Three is a magical number. This is great photos. Welcome back. 😁

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Thanks! I may still be circling...but at least I popped in. 😉

You did. And thanks for that. :)

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