Picture 10 - Dusk in Padang

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I was in Padang, got an assignment for 5 days. After doing the job on my last day of work there, I lay on my bed in hotel room. Exhausted. Then I looked at the window and saw stunning image of the sky..


I felt so relaxed..

And then I tried to changed the setting of my handphone camera. These are what I got:




I love the original one..

Thank you,


wow great photos :)

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NIce pictures. Go on, bro

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All are stunning images.
But if I have to pick one,
I would agree with you, bro.
The 1st one is the most I like.
Maybe because I love the color black,
which is dominant in it.
Thanks for posting.
Have a good evening.

I knew it!
Thanks for coming here, It's nice to see your comment :D

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