Mountain Photography in the Alps

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It's summer, which means it's finally time for some overnighters in the Alps again. When it's hot down in the valleys, it's just great to breathe some fresh mountain air while enjoying a spectacular view.

The only problem with such trips into the Alps for me is that I only have time at the weekend - as have many other people. This is why it's often very crowded on the trails and viewpoints. Only around sunset and sunrise it usually calms down and silence sets in.

A week ago, I had again planned such a weekend foray into the mountains. But the weather forecast for Friday and Saturday was so bad that I had to change my plans. There seemed to be a change in weather coming on Sunday, so I decided to give it a go, drive down into the area of the Große Ahornboden, hike up onto one of the adjacent mountains, photograph sunset and sunrise up there and then try to get to work on Monday as quick as possible.

Spectacular view from the Delpsjoch Mountain during sunrise

The good thing is that I have flexible working hours. Yet, doing a 2 hour hike followed by a 3+ hour drive to get to work on Monday was a bit tough, especially after only a few hours of sleep. But it all worked out and thankfully there were no traffic jams on the Autobahn between Munich and Nuremberg.

And what about the hike and stay in the Alps itself? I have to admit, I didn't expect it to be that empty up there. I was even able to secure a room for myself at a hut just below the summit. Normally those huts are stuffed and have to be booked months in advance. But not on a Sunday as it seems.

Standing up on the Delpsjoch around sunset and sunrise was such a peaceful experience. As forecast, the weather had improved significantly and the clouds of the day had dispersed. There was nearly no wind, nearly no sound up there. I captured the whole experience in the video below.

In the beginning I wasn't sure, if I should do this overnighter from Sunday to Monday because of the stress it would involve with getting back to work. In the end though it was all worth putting in the work and effort. The photos I took turned out pretty good and I have one more great experience to add to my memories.

Michael Breitung Photography



damn good view from up there :) nice picture

Haaaaaai @mibreit-photoWow..

Sometimes when I opens a photo related blog in steemit, I starts thinking the photography theme is already an over rated stuff here, and used to ask myself could the next one would be able to raise an excitement level while looking in it and I must say this single photo stands right at the top.

The combination different colors, from white, green, ash, indigo and yellow or golden at the far away, the curves of the mountain lines and on top of all these you standing atop makes this picture perfect.

Normally I don't have much interest in watching videos even in my local languages of my movies of interest or games, but the beauty of your picture forced me to watch it and that was worth the time I spent for...

One of the best blog on recent times....

I'm so glad you like the photo and the video. Thanks for stopping by

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Wow what a beautiful place, great capture!

Hi mibreit-photo,

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hey @mibreit foto, ... I can only say A M A Z I N G !! beautiful place and beautiful video, despite the effort this is definitely a great way to start the week and I'm sure you've come to work with a smile. mountains are a precious gift of nature, they give us such a sense of freedom and communion with nature itself !! congratulations for curie and thanks for letting us travel with you

Thanks for your comment!

ummm this is something really nice. I used to think Alps is all about snow, saw it in some travel and some hollywood movies. But I see Alps is green too, maybe green time or green portion, but its still so pretty. Love your shots specifically the Black and white that comes around 6th minute of video, it looks like something I have not seen - a pretty B&w of a mountain. And I also like your hair at 8th minute of the video ::P:P:):) thank you for sharing this and congrats on your curie ;) :)

Hehe, yea I forgot to bring a mirror to check my hair. The soft wind had it going in all directions ;-)

Thanks for your comment

but it looks so different and nice :P


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Clouds or no clouds, your photos are always worth of publishing in National Geographic magazine :)

I like your tutorials and what you do to take the best shots. I think I would be stressed to go back on Monday too but it all worked out for your perfectly :)

Thank you for sharing and have a great day!

Thanks for your kind words. Yea National Geographic would be great someday :-)

I just watched a breathtaking and fascinating video :)

What an amazing Sunday night and Monday morning you had. The photos are all spectacular, but I really love the video and your tutorial information. I will remember to cut boring skies now.

I hope one day I will be in such a place of peace and serenity. Putting yourself in the shot really drives that point home. The color and light you got was much more than I expected before seeing it.

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