Cinnabar Moth Photoshop

in photofeed •  9 months ago

Hey all,

I really haven't been posting much in the way of photos lately - been really busy with other stuff. Anyway, came across this old image that I took of a cinnabar moth from a few months ago. Really liked it so thought id post it up here. I pulled it from my facebook account - lost the original in the great hard drive failure of 2017, hence it's not the best quality. Still like it though



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Excellent edit!

Wow, it's so beautiful

Normally don't like colour pop images but this one really works!


Agree, I'm not a fan either usually, but when images in their original form are pretty close to this sort of thing, I quite like desaturating the already dull background.


Yeah I can see that, really works!

Glad you are back man! And back with a great photo too! Excellent choice on using the color pop on this one. The moth definitely needs to standout.

A very beautiful butterfly. Great work!

Great photo @markangeltrueman! I like the red accent on the wings on a black and white photo.

Nice image. Really like the placement of the moth and your color choice.

Stunning use of red. This is one anarchist butterfly!

BTW - red is the most noticable color we can see and the way you use it is just perfect. I would cut out a few pixels from the top so the butterfly falls into the phi ratio vertically...

beautiful butterfly! I'm looking forward to your next post :)

This is very great! I saw a lot of colour pop photographies but this one is amazing! I admire your photography and editing skills sir. 🙂