Whisky Bay - Wilsons Prom

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We're not perfect. As a species, as a society, even as ourselves in the day to day. It takes hindsight and a collective look at our progress to see we are all capable of great cooperation. Change and adaptability are difficult for everyone in different ways. But as humans, you are built to cope with changes.
When you're feeling weak during these tough times remember; you are human.


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Beautiful. I still haven't been to Wilson's prom yet. Not sure when we will be allowed to go there!

It's going to be flooded with people when the restrictions end!

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Hi Kieran, thank you for your persistent in sharing with us the beauty of nature and the world around us. We have chosen you to display in our Showcase post, the Steem payout of the post will go you. Cheers...


Thank you very much. I'll check it out!