This is the end...of Summer! St Kilda Winter

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As much of the worlds population is celebrating the end of Winter, here in Australia we will be mourning the end of our Summer. As a country with a significant coastline and generally warm climate, we are a predominately Summer culture. Although March will still provide us with some warm days, it is sad to see Summer leaving us and we look forward to its return at the end of the year.

Here's a wintery shot from St Kilda in Melbourne.


Camera Settings

Canon 5D MKIII

Seeing a pattern in my settings yet?

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i just love the leading lines created by those white poles

It is a great curve to use. A little dicey getting out there on the rocks but worth the shot :)

whatever it takes for the shot, though, right?

I'd risk life and limb!

Ok, maybe just limb....

Actually I might stay inside today and have a hot chocolate.

Besides the obviously majestic shot with beautiful swooping details in the sky, and texture in the rocks....I HAD NO IDEA canon 5d MarkIII has an iso 50 setting! Did I read that wrong? What am I missing?

Menu>ISO Speed Settings. Set the range to 50 at the low end

Thank you so much! I didn't even know that was hiding in there!

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Wow! There is so much drive in this photo!

Thank you very much :)

Those are some mighty ominous looking clouds you have there. Interesting contrasts between t he rocks and the posts :)


Stormy and windy. It gets quite cold out there as it is a long pier.

Beautiful shot! looks so intense. Is it really a 241 exposure?

Also, what's Australia like in the winter?

4min exposure, yes. Makes for nice and streaky clouds :)

Australia is a big place, but in Melbourne it tends to rain a lot during winter and is just cold enough to complain about. It doesn't snow here but if it were any colder I might think about wearing a scarf when I go out.

Dang, that's long! And for sure, looks beautiful. I'm assuming you used an ND filter of some sort?

Right on, turns out it was a kinda stupid question haha :) Gotcha, almost scarf weather it is!

That's a a bit like asking what is the US like in the winter. If you placed it over north America it would stretch from the bottom of Baja Peninsula in Mexico to Northern BC. So at its extremes winter can be 35 deg C (95F ) and tropical or -10 C (14F) and snowing depending on where you are and your altitude.


Its fun to play around with as the Mercator world map makes everything in the upper northern latitudes of Northern hemisphere look gigantic and has distorted most peoples view of the world.

Well, I feel like an idiot now! I definitely knew that too, it just wasn't information that was easily accessible in my brain when I posted ;)

That site is really interesting, thanks! It's really crazy how much smaller Australia looks on a map than it is in reality.

I was not intending to make you feel like an idiot ! Sorry about that :-{ . But it is fun to drag things around; like Iceland onto Africa and its tiny. Also Argentinia is similar size to India; but most people who have not crossed it in a bus think its small. Its huge when you drag it onto North America.


Oh it wasn't your fault at all! I just realized it wasn't the brightest question haha ;) Man, that's so interesting. So strange how people's perceptions of country size is totally skewed by how maps present them! it's great to get some actual perspective.

Australia is about the same surface area as the lower 48 states.

Wooah! Australia is HUGE!


Awww...Canadia and Russia are so small...


Great dynamic capture!!

Thanks, Sergio!

This is absolutely gorgeous dude! Not too shabby with the camera skills either!

Thanks, Thatcher!

Brilliant work @kieranstone, looks amazing, followed and upvoted.

Thank you very much!

What an amazing image! Resteemed :)

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