Rye Pier

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The longing embrace of the windswept sea, pulling me out over those reaching waves. Overwhelmed and worn down, the call drags me on. A whisper from inside urges me to stop, my senses ignite. Amidst all the Chaos, my strength was always there, when I needed it most. Yet I can't help but wonder, had it not been for the pier, would I have stopped at the shore?

Rye, Victoria

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Canon 5D MKIII

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Great shoot, so minimalistic, clean and fill the frame very well. !trdo !DEARNGED !COFFEEA

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Seems like a really long pier, is it actually a bridge? 🤣 love the clouds moving, looks really dramatic with the stillness of everything else.

It is a very long pier :) It was also super windy. I had to hang on tight to the tripod for this shot. It's always strange that a very crazy weather day can come out so calm in a long exposure.

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Wouldn’t this look awesome on my living room wall, great shot!

Yes. Yes, it would. :D

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Amazing capture! Good work :)

Thank you very much!

I love the perspective and the play of color between the warm aged wood of the pier and the vibrant aqua ocean.

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