An Insight Into My Getty Images Sales

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If you've been following me for a while you'd know that I sell some of my photos on Getty. You can read about the process at an earlier post of mine here

The basic gist is that any photo that doesn't fit my fine art portfolio, yet is still commercially viable will go to the Getty marketplace. Out of all the photos I take, the fine art photos would be < 1% and the Getty submissions may be < 10%. I'm very picky about what goes out and only pick the best out of similar photos of locations.

The purpose of this post (which I'll try and do once a month) is to show the photos (and images) that have sold the previous month. Stats come out on the 20th of the following month (December sales are sent out on the 20th of January).

Some photos don't sell until well after uploading. This photo was uploaded nearly 2 years ago and only sold for the first time in December 2019.

The image bellow shows all the images that sold in Dec '19. As you can see, not all of them are photos. A little while ago I started making graphics in Photoshop when I wasn't able to get out of the house and photograph. They are mostly abstract backgrounds that start as a blank canvas and then evolve from whatever direction my mind takes them. Surprisingly they do quite well.
So with 93 sales (some photos sell multiple times in a month) ranging between $0.13USD and $100USD I made between $12 and $9300 for the month. I won't say exactly how much because it doesn't really mean anything to anyone else because what I make based on my photos doesn't mean others would make more or less. I do quite well, others would do a lot better, but some people have way more photos than me and probably make a lot less. Quality and sale-ability play a huge role. But mainly I just don't want to say how much I make.

A big thanks to for making Getty statements so easy to understand and follow stats

paper cut blob forest lake open copy space.jpg
I really enjoy making these "paper cut out" graphics and they look fantastic as backgrounds

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Getty is tough. It looks like it will get tougher with the changes they're bringing in some time ago. A lot of my work is portraiture, and unsuitable for stock photo sites (as I don't want the legal minefield of people misuing my model's releases) - but they seem to be another big, big part of the capitalist machine to extract value out of anyone willing to contribute.

Capitalism is good when it works in your favour :P
Portraiture could work just fine for Getty. There's no legal issues for you if your models sign a release. That's the point. If you shoot to a concept or theme with people you'll probably do better than I would. I hardly ever have people in my photos and businesses love showing real people.

Getty has removed their RM images and are just going with RF. All my photos are RF anyway so it doesn't affect me. Maybe all the people looking for RM images will take a closer look at mine now.

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I suppose they take a commission and you need to be whitelisted to start selling on there?