Fall in New York: Testing New Faces for Major Models

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Once upon a time I went out on a limb and moved to New York. I made the decision and then within 3 months I had rented a room in an artist's shared space. The room cost nearly twice my rent here in the mountains of California. I was accepted to shoot new faces for Major Models, and I was in photographer heaven. Whatever theme I could dream up, there were so many like-minded professionals ready to execute it.
This is Victoria and she's special because she was my very first "test." A test is when new talent to the agency needs photographs to see how they photograph and also build their portfolio.
I'm back in California now, but my year on the East Coast taught me a lot.

This is the first time I took the "one eye" shot. Now I try to do it every shoot. I ripped that feather off the hat.

The medallion in that necklace is held together with bubble gum.







I've been working as a prepress technician for about 30 years, I´ve seen many photos in this time, this are very beautiful

Greetings from México

Mucho gusto! Thank you so much for your kind words, I'm really happy you like the shots!

Wow Amazing pictures @joleenwillis thanks for sharing excellent photography

Thank you so much! I'm happy you liked them!

You very welcome

The first one eye!!!

Very cool background story! What an awesome experience to have, great shots too so I'm assuming it must have gone well!

Thanks! It was a really good first shoot. It set the tone for the rest of my time there. I'm glad you like them:)

Nice first shoot @joleenwillis. You have to be pleased with these as I am sure the model is happy too. I love the one eyed shot as well. She has gorgeous eyes and her make up is done perfectly to match the feather and her hair. I also enjoy the last one - they are all great but those are my favs.

Question. Why is her mouth the same in all the shots? Sort of a pursed pout? Did you want that? It's not a criticism just a curiosity.

Hi Country Girl! You know...that's a good question. Being this was my first time shooting an agency represented model I remember feeling a bit unclear on my role to direct. Now, with my high school seniors, I coach them through everything from where to put their hands and how to open their eyes! But I think with Victoria we were both super new to our roles, I'm pretty sure she was 15, and we were both just doing what we thought looked good haha!

Thanks for answering my big technical question !! lol....I'm forever curious.

She's only 15?? I probably looked like that when I was her age too but I just think 15 is so young now and she looks way more mature. Funny how that happens.

I know it's so young isn't it?! I mostly shot 13-16 year olds but you never would have guessed it from looking at them!

Some beautiful shots here!

Thank you so much for checking them out!