Desert Boho Bridal Collaboration

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It all started with triangles.

Susan our florist and good friend wanted to make some oversized triangles to use at future wedding ceremonies. We share some wonderful wedding industry friends, and in no time we had a team ready to go. It was up to me, the photographer, to choose the location.

I had had Alabama hills and the desert landscape backed by majestic snow camp mountains stuck in my head, but I thought our team would never go for it, seeing as no one was getting paid and it was 6 hours away.

I couldn't believe it when they all agreed!

When shoot time came, a storm picked up. The wind chill was a freezing 13 degrees. Our poor model toughed it out. Our team chased our props as they blew away.

It ended up being one of my favorites, ever!









Wow, you work is mindblowingly gorgeous! The attention for detail is fenomenal and although I'm not knowledgable on fashion photography per se I love how you've created an environment plus props that bring out the best in the model wearing the gorgeous bridal dress.

Pictures 1 and 5 are my top favourites <3

I was able to find you through kommienezuspadt - he was right to mention you and your talent!

Thank you so much for your kind words! You're totally making my day! I can't take credit for everything though-it truly takes a team. We had a florist, hair and makeup artist, cake baker, wedding planner, of course the model, and even the model's mom, sister and my boyfriend were all helping out!
I just caught wind of the mention by kommienezuspadt! I'm so excited to go read it! I'm honored he thought of me!
Very nice to meet you! Thank you for the comment!

Triangles are so hot right now, even in the cold, I had 4 layers on and I was freezing!

Just love all the pale tones in this shoot!

Thank you Verity! It was actually a new edit for me. I really liked the tones with her skin tone.

Well it works really well, love them!

Amazing setup!! The whole story is insane. :0 very inspired! :D

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