Sweet Essence

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This years Spring season is full of surprises. Lots of moisture and cool temperatures with some very pleasant weather indeed. The local scenery can be sensational at times with remarkable beauty.

sweet 5x8.jpg

This image was captured on 5-2-2019 in Sedona Arizona USA.

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Very nice

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That's great, thanks.

Great photo @irvinesimages and this spring landscape looks very beautiful against the mountain.

Such a beautiful day it was, thank you.

Great vertical shot! Really has a lot of depth to it. Nice clouds at the top, flowers at the bottom and a good amount of green and mountains in between. Cool shot! Also congrats on the curie!

You know I don't shoot very many verticals, just by choice. However they display much larger than horizontals on steemit. Thanks for the great compliments!

Hi @irvinesimages ,in this place you can appreciate the beauty of nature, the sky, the rocks, the small trees and these beautiful flowers, everything is complemented and creates a contrast of shades of great colors.
Blessings and happy week for you and your family

Hi Martha, well said. That's exactly what I think and it's nice to hear it from you. Thanks and blessings to you and your family.

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Nice shot. Its funny how close mountains seem. It looks like you could walk to the top in about an hour. I bet it is much bigger and farther away then it seems though. It would probably take much longer I'm guessing?.

Your right they are larger than they look with steep drop offs, but a great place to hike. The mountains are larger behind these. Thanks.

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Thanks a lot!

Beautiful colors, very good photo. Congratulations

Good to hear, thank you!

That photo is amazing. I love the colors. It looks like a really beautiful place

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Sedona is an amazing, beautiful place! Thanks much.

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I'm glad you like it, thank you.

wow it's great photography my dear friend @irvinesimages
very nice place

I like the wow, thanks my friend.

Such a beautiful shot you have captured. The field looks like a heavenly beed. Red rocks and blue sky are also looking amazing.

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It was the right chemistry that day and nature beckoned me to play. Thanks again.

Beautiful view

Thank you sir!