Hanging Out

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Lower Antelope Canyon is nothing short of amazing for those fortunate enough to see it. This spot is a favorite for me, standing under this large sculpted formation was daunting and appeared to almost defy gravity. It's a beautiful thing to see how it's just hanging out.

hanging out 7x5.jpg

This image was shot on film many years ago in northern Arizona USA.

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  ·  11 days ago (edited)

Hi @irvinesimages, This is one of your jobs that I like the most, I feel transported through the tunnel, and I feel that I can take that piece of brown cloth to help me climb, it fascinates me.

Hi Martha, I like your creative perspective. I'm sure you would have a lot of fun here and yes it is fascinating, awe inspiring. Thank you.

Great name! "Hanging Out" that made me chuckle. Also great shot as well, I don't remember seeing this one before. Quite a unique angle how it juts out so much. Very cool looking. Nice work!

Sometimes the names are just plain simple. I still have a lot of shots from there that nobody has seen. Thanks Paul

Love that spot!! It looks like so many things from different angles.

Your exactly right about that, a wonderful place.


That sounds good to me, thanks.

Thats how Mafia works ;D

We don't have any mafia around here but I get your point.

I don't no if you know memes, this is one. Or it was one, is a fast world.

Thats the place definitely I have a dream to visit some day... So many possibilities for amazing compositions

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It's like walking through a fantasy land. With your level of creativity you would get some prize shots. The light is always changing as the position of the sun migrates North and South as well as the daily East to West movement. Like you say, so many possibilities. I hope you get to do it. How's your photo contest working out?

That's such an incredible location. The pictures of it are always spectacular. I really hope that I get to visit it one day.
Nice one for sure!

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I just have to agree. I hope you get to see it, just marvelous. Thanks again

Genius! Perfect photography my friend.

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Good to hear. Thanks my friend.

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