Golden Mist With Stars

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Rain drenched ground causes mist to rise above Wilson Mountain while the city lights from Flagstaff light it up against a star filled sky.

wilson mt vert 8x12.jpg

This image was shot on 8-1-2019 in Sedona Arizona USA.

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what a wonderful night


I could not even imagine that this is possible. It's fantastic.

It's great to hear that, there's more on the way. Thanks.

that is an awesome shot. That cloud looks like it has the sun shining up into it or being on fire, amazing how bright city lights can be and the effect they have so far away.

A long exposure collects more light than the eyes see at one time, an effect of night photography. Thanks a bunch!

Wow... Amazing shot. You can get sooo many stars with your camera setup. It's stunning. Also, it's neat how the cloud is lit up like that and how you have color in the rocks as well. Very beautiful.

Sedona is an amazing place for night photography, wow! This is very exciting indeed, thanks.

very nice photography my dear friend @irvinesimages

Thanks a lot my friend.

Wow, it's amazing! I can not believe it's true
Is this picture really!

It's really true, thank you.

Wow that's a lot of stars in such a relatively small spot. It's incredible. Great photo

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I can only agree, quite amazing for sure. thank you.

Mesmerizing, all those stars...

It can be overwhelming to see firsthand, just wonderful.

What an amazing night! The sky is clean and full of bright star. Great photography....

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Just a marvelous starry night, thanks.

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Big thanks.