Ness Lake Full Moon Aurora

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I must say it was more than a little frustrating to miss the strong G3 geomagnetic storm two nights ago with smoke and clouds. The little coronal mass ejection (CME) which it seemed everyone thought would be a non-event certainly put on a show for those with clear skys. The next day we had thunderstorms and a cold northerly wind which has put a blast of autumn in the air and cleared the sky beautifully. The CME hung around long enough for me to get some follow up shots as the tail end of the stream passed though last night. This shot was taken when it was at Kp 4.3 , which is considered below minor storm levels, but was just enough for the aurora to outshine the full moon. The shot was taken over Ness Lake. Northern British Columbia, Canada.


If you would like to learn a little bit more about my background in photography you can read the interview @photofeed did with me here

Robert Downie
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that aurora capture is awesome. FUR'd

I wish i could click photos like you

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Nice photo!

Oh, Aurora is so beautiful!
I live in Norway, but way to south for seeing it often.
it happens sometimes though, and it takes my breath away every time!

Your photo is amazing btw!


Thanks. Very kind of you. I would love to spend some more time in Norway. I have only been to Oslo for business.

wow.... loss for word there... the scene is magnificent.. is it aurora there?? i like it so bad... i wish i could see it by my self.... awesome photo it is... how long the exposure it is??


Thanks. It is a 20 second exposure.

Nice picture! Yes sometimes it is really strong and sometimes you miss it. That's the life of a photographer I guess! :-)
This was my stongest Aurora experience! It was a few years ago in my city Uppsala, Sweden. Kp 7.0


Yes that is the life of an astrophotogrpher at least ;-). If you could see it every night it would not be special.


Which month it was, I really want to see.


this sky is very interesting


unreal beauty

Photography yang sangat bagus sobat,, memang anda sangat cocok untuk seseorang photography,, postingan yang bagus Sobatku @intrepidpotos


Terima kasih


Sama-sama saudaraku @intrepidphotos

Hi Robert! What a beautiful shot! The sky and the reflection are mesmerizing!

Unfortunately, as I was browsing the photofeed tag, I saw this photo posted by another user. It looked suspicious to me and I did some investigation and I was glad I found your post in the search results.

Just want to let you know that your photo was stolen here.
I have already reported to steemcleaners and will also take care of the rest on his profile.

Just a thought though, you don't seem to put a signature over the photo. A signature is a very helpful way for us to see if the photo belongs to a user or not. (And will also decrease the chance of it getting stolen). Not necessary, but would be very helpful! (And I also checked your photo's metadata and it's a very good thing you have your name on the copyright section on it).

Keep posting your awesome photos! :)


Thanks. I appreciate you doing that. Unfortunately it happens from time to time. I have traditionally disliked using watermarks over my photos as I think it detracts from them and the reality is people can just crop the photo a little smaller or just remove the signature in photo shop or similar.

“That is such an awesome camera! No wonder you take great photos!”

the place is really amazing . Any body can fall in love to see the beauty of that place . perfect capture. Carry on @intrepidhotos


you are most wellcome my dear.

Perfect shot! At what time and season did you take this picture?


As I said in the post I took it last night.

beautiful nice photo keep it up sir good work

amazing view

Nice shot! Very beautiful picture. I am trying to learn photography with the help of my android, I have followed you! Come and visit my profile @jaimefrontado! give me some advices to create better pictures.

Wonderful! I wish I could admire a sky so precious and different someday.


Hopefully you get the chance

Romantic Environment :)

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Stunning .. brilliant, super, great.
Travel is a lively col.lege, suitable for you
Well performed on the images .. for extra creativity

Awesome sky!

Really awesome shot on the full moon Pisces evening. Always wanted to see one of those live and in person they're gorgeous.

That is such a insane photo :o Jeez


What a great scene, glad you were able to catch the aurora. I saw many growing up but as a photography havent had the pleasure to get one yet.

Nice photo 💓

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Outstanding work mate 😀

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wow.... im up in whidbey island washington and i still haven't been able to see the northern lights. im going to go to Vancouver BC for christmas and im praying ill get a fantastic view like this then. im so jealous! sick picture. followed cuz obviously im jealous and hey, we both live so far north hahaha im excited to see some more stuff!


The city lights are too bright around Vancouver. You will have to get out into the country side (or head up grouse mountain). The further north you go the less of a storm you need to see it.

Great place and perfectly taken. Really very beautiful picture . A view to die for ......

How beautiful! I have a photogaphy book on auroras and it is one of my favorites. ^__^

Really mesmerising, everything in this photo is beautiful