Jungle Pool

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Feel like a swim? If you could go anywhere in the world tomorrow where would it be?

Light dances around the green pool at the bottom of the the third level of Erawan Waterfall. Erawan National Park. Thailand.

If you would like to learn a little bit more about my background in photography you can read the interview @photofeed did with me here

Robert Downie
Love Life, Love Photography

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is this a real place or some drawing


It is very much a real place.

that`s realy cool


It's looking pure water on the hil

It would be heaven on earth,if there were no mosquitos... :)


Consider burning coffee grounds to keep them away :)


I will have to try. Thermacell works well.


Ha yes there is always something to bring you down to earth !

Espectacular fotografía, nos invita a volar en la imaginación, felicitaciones.

Incredible photo @intrepidphotos - looks so tranquil and a wonderful place to explore :)

Really amazing shot @interpidphotos!!! I just followed :D
Keep up the great work, steem on!!

Wow, what a place!!!!congratulations for the amazing picture!!!

I would probably swim in some Icelandic natural hot springs right now :D


I would be up for that!

I would probably swim in some Icelandic natural hot springs right now :D

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Another beautiful photo with a good rich atmosphere and a bit of mystery


Thanks. Glad you appreciate it.

What a dream! Beautiful picture and beautiful place 😊


Awesome shot!

it's a dream to be there,


Nice place, this is called true nature. Thanks for sharing such beauty


Cheers mate.

Beautiful waterfall! This makes me want to go relax around the sound of running and splashing water!


Yes. Helps you get though the working day.

beautiful, but looks horrible


Why do you think it looks horrible?

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seems like it cut up from a fantasy movie!
cant believe its real!


It's a special place.

my foto


You really like tea at the sea!

like this water and want to visit this amazing place.

nice photo :) i wish to be there now


Breathtaking!!! Simply awesome.

I could totally tell this wasn't Canada! haha


Yes. The greens in BC and the PNW are much darker

Splendid place :x


It's a special spot!

Incredible, so unreal photos in this part of steemit, what devide you use for this? I have only a s9+ and i have no ideea if i can reach this details and colors, any chances?


This is an old shot taken on a Canon 400D.

Awesome ... and very beautiful place.

Definitely feel like a swim. It was world environment day, lets worship this beautiful earth. Such an enchanting location.


Yes sad to see what we are doing to our own planet.


Agreed, sigh we fail to see what we do to our planet we do to ourselves.

Wowwww how crazy!! I ve been in many beautiful waterfalls in my trip in Asia but this one looks crazy! Like paradise! Love the peace you can feel by just looking at it!! Well done! Lucky you!


Thanks! It's a special spot.

A peep into paradise ❤️

thailand is the beautiful country we all know.look beauty of nature.what beautiful place for swim in beautiful natural swimming pool in sunny day..