Mystery Isle

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Mystery Isle

Landscape photography, original content.
On a boat trip, few hours before a storm.

mystery isle.jpg

CategoryLandscape photography
SettingsISO 200 200mm f/2,8
CameraNikon D700


A mysterious island and little more. Your centered composition accentuates the dramatic aspect. Still reinforced by the image processing and the very limited sharpness plan. Beautiful thick clouds participate in the atmosphere. Mysterious and maybe dangerous too. No human element seems to indicate that we can dock there. Intriguing this picture.

Thanks for the comment! It was nice to read :)

Wow, I really like this photo. The drabness surrounding the island. Its like a cloud of hope above a lonely island :)

Thanks! You described pretty much what I saw from the rowing boat :D

Beautiful island and photograph its amazing how vegetation can find a way to thrive in such unique places.

Nature finds it's way! :)

The image is beautifully framed.

Thanks a lot!

the photo of the photo is cool
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amazing, awesome click dude.

Thank you!

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this place is beautiful, but looks scary, @drakmin

Thank you! Yes the place felt a bit strange especially with the weather coming up!

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Oh wow thats beautiful. Very magical image!!

Thank you!

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