Ice Stars

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Ice Stars

Landscape photography, original content.

We were having a camp night outdoors few winters ago. I had battery left for one more photo as the clouds started to disappear. Batteries are not good in minus degrees :) This is what I got. It's far from perfect but there was no change for another try :)

tahtitaivas 1000.jpg

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CategoryLandscape photography
SettingsISO 1600 30sec 12mm f/4,5
CameraNikon D700

Our camp site earlier :)


this is the most beautiful long exposure photo in the world! I love color tones and composition. the mood of the photo is legend .. :) congratulations. there is not much to say! This is a very successful shoot!

Oh thank you! I think it's hardly okay, maybe the mood is there but technically it's quite mediocre :D Anyways thanks for your kind words!

An unbelievably beautiful sky!!!

Thanks! It is beautiful on winter nights if there are no clouds!

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Hi friend your post is very beautiful and interesting if seen I like

Thank you!

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I love the first photo.

this looks really amazing! thanks for sharing!

Thank you!

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