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Photography, original content.
I tried to create a feeling of a high isolated place using normal sea container. Photo was rotated to make to actual roof appear like a big window.


Be sure to click on the image to view full screen!

SettingsISO200 20mm f/3,2 1/125s
CameraNikon D700
LensAF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.4G


Original camera .jpg file.


Hauska temppu ja hieno kuva! Jännä toi ikkunafiilis. =)

Nice twist

Only thing giving it away is the fall of her dress haha

Thanks! :D

I really like the effect created when you rotate the camera (or the picture) to make another perspective. I love the contrast too. Thank you for share it

Thanks! Yeah, actually the ground is behind her back :) Maybe I'll add the camera original file in smaller resolution to the post!

Original file added for comparison...

Is great too, but the edition you made is fantastic!

Thanks! Yeah it was the vision from the beginning on the location to rotate the image in post.

Wow your photo is tricky.:D

Whoa cool, I had no clue it was a container (and on its side!) until after looking at the pic for a while thinking she was in some sort of cement skyscraper room or something. You got me until I read the text :) BTW how did you you get the left side out of the box to look like a surface (sea or blurred land), was that added in post?

Thanks! Yes that's exactly what I wanted to achieve: a feeling of room in some sort of abandoned Mad-Max skyscraper :) The blurred land was added in photoshop. I used other photo with horizon and replaced the original sky with it.

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good idea :)

Thank you! Btw. you have beautiful photos!

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