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Focal Pointf / 0
Exposure time1 /400s
ISO speedISO-200
focal length0 mm
White BalanceShadow

This photo does not use any macro or converter lens ring using a 18-55 lens I invested the object having the focal length 0 to centimeter or even millimeter object and thus its size in the sensor increases considerably.

The wonderful macro photography is to see what the naked eye are not able to see. Is to discover the mystery of the little things, is to take something small and give it a giant scale, it is to take it unnoticed and make it important. And precisely why I think that one of the properties that should have a macro image, to recognize what is in it.



Amazing! Upvoted and added to our curation trail :-) Thanks for sharing your specs

thanks, giving the best for #photofeed

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Beautiful spider but really dangerous playing with spider, making you spider man. Heee salam steemian aceh csat Indonesia @elfahlevi

hhahaha was not poisonous

Amigo! Te acaba de cambiar la vida, tenemos que celebrar! Que orgullo de pana!

that is so close