Glitter Squid

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If you don't know by now Cephalopods (Octopus, Squid, Cuttlefish & Nautilus) are some of my favourite animals, they have so much personality, extremely smart and seem to be alien like. I'll be travelling to Palau, some of the most remote islands in the world towards the end of the year, hoping to be able to tick off Nautilus off my bucket list. During the day they live in depths of 500m plus but during the night they can up to a normal diving depth in Palau, which makes them incredibly rare anywhere else in the world but commonly seen in Palau - I can't wait!

This image of a Squid was shot during a night dive close to a sandy shore - giving it a glittery effect making it one of my favourite Squid shots.

Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 100mm Macro, Aquatica water housing
1/200, F25, ISO 400

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ocean photo♪ amazing squid.


The things we don't see....this is so beautiful. I can't imagine being in the waters at night....things that sneak by our feet are scary :)

Where does the light come from? Your light? How did you even see it? Amazing.


Thank you! Honestly its amazing! Yes I use two underwater strobes. Its hard this would only be a few centre meters in length!


Very exciting stuff. I hope you get to cross this one from your bucket list too. :)

beautiful!!! I love translucent marine creatures.


Thank you! As do I, they're incredible!

Dude.....this is beyond awesomeness. I am now in love with glitter squids. You have totally made my day with this post @cam.mcfarlane. Straight up. This is the cherry on top of a most amazing day. Much love!!!


Wow! Thank you for the very kind words. Im glad I made your day!


My pleasure :) Have a wonder-full day!