The purple heron (Ardea purpurea)

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Hi guys,
Today I went birding again and I got this shot of the The purple heron (Ardea purpurea). I have to say I am very happy with how this all came together.


It was my first time spotting colorful bird, I spotted it in a nature reserve called Intaka Island in Cape Town South Africa.

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As always, nice shot... just by curiosity, how many pictures you take before having one like that ? Don't tell me one :-)

Haha, this specific one I chose out of a burst of around 10 or 15 photos, but most of the other photos are alos sharp, I just like the wing position on this one the most.

Yep perfect position... When I take a picture of an animal, it's often blurry with the focus on another element. It must come from the camera not from the photographer :-)

The bird is bëautiful

Thank you!

Wow! Excellent capture!!! 😍 The purple heron in its flight is not an easy task to take a picture of! You did great. It is beautiful! And yes, I haven't seen a purple heron either. Thank you for sharing this precious beauty with us!

ehy dear @callierhino! this an amazing shot. that heron was there for you, waiting to be immortalized in his most beautiful pose, and you succeeded :-)) keep on and congratulations on your curie vote

Hello Hello!

THAT BEAUTIFUL! The photo is so fantastic that I wonder if it would have cost you, the bottom gives it that touch of originality and the heron, because I am totally quick I guess hahaha

Greetings from Venezuela...

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Thanks for the upvote, it is a great honor!

Brilliant shot. The photographic composition with the blur receding background frames the subject perfectly.

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Thank you very much! You should also check out my newer post after this one, I am rather proud of that one. Have an awesome rest of your day!

I had already done so, upvoted, and commented on the newer post.

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This picture was super beautiful. The bird in full flight and the depth of field is genial. Congratulations on the shot @callierhino

Hi! Thanks! It is really a nice feeling when people like what your photos!