Those special moments

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Freediving is a great way to really feel connected to those animals living in the ocean.

This was one of those moments when you just stop and stare at the beauty of what the ocean has to offer.

We hope you like it.

James & Danielle

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So beautiful ! Where are you guys based these days?


Cheers! We are based in Sydney

Freaking gorgeous! I wonder what phenomenon makes the background and right side of the frame fall into shadows. Is it just a cloud ?

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Thanks, it was pretty late in the day so the light wasn’t too strong

Amazing. Resteemed.


Thanks, we appreciate it!

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Amazing shot 👌

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Holy smokes - that would be amazing. Thanks for sharing this incredible shot, I’m excited to start following your work!


I’m glad you like it, great to have you following along!!

Did you guys take this shot in Australia? It is stunning! I'm afraid of deep water but I love seeing such pictures :) It makes me feel like I was there too :)


Thanks, yeah we did, it was taken at Lady Elliot Island, one of the most beautiful underwater wonderlands in the world!