The crossroad of Civilizations

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Very interesting contrast of golden sand dunes and approaching modern buildings of Giza, Egypt. Yes, actually the magic pyramids are very close, but you don't see them since they are behind me :)

Shot with long tele-photo lens to compress the perspective a lot

Enjoy the scenery :)


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CameraCanon 60D / Sigma 18-250mm

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Hermoso paisaje!!

This is awesome! Is there a haze on the city giving it almost a painted look or did you do something post on it?


Just a haze.. smoke and hot air I guess


It looks awesome!

I saw something last night I had never seen before, I was walking across a field and watch the fog roll out of the woods and and then walk through it. It was so errie and fascinting. Not enough light to get a picture sadly.

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This is so cool man, great work. Resteemed.

A stunner!! You nailed the composition and colors. I have resteemed this post.