Solargraphy 5/5

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Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue Bridge.jpg

This is a 5-month exposure, showing the sun's path across the sky. I placed photographic enlargement paper, essentially low-sensitivity film, in a beer can with a pinhole. The homemade pinhole camera was mounted on a bridge, facing south. Being placed in a rather visible and accessible location, I was pleasantly surprised that my pinhole camera wasn't removed by a curious passerby or road maintenance employee. In fact, of the ten or so installed, only two went missing after 5 months.

Here are the instructions I followed to make the pinhole cameras.

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Terrific outcome from your homemade pinhole camera. It is a pleasant surprise that such a protracted Art experiment was mostly left alone.

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Congratulations @archbitsmith

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This is absolutely amazing! It's shocking to see the results of such complex kind of experiments. I'm glad you could finish this one. Mesmerizing.

a friend of mine tried this, and from 5 or 6 only one survived for 3 months.

That's a shame. I guess I got lucky.

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Ivan (@curie curator)

Waooo! Excellent exposure with this camera you made homemade, it looks a little dangerous, but the capture looks great. I congratulate you on your good art and curie vote. Greetings.

Thanks @daysiselena. It was worth it.

I'm paralyzed and surprised with this long-term exhibition, with the photography achieved and with the solargraphic technique. It's the first time I've heard of these cameras. According to the link you offer, they are very easy to make, durable and very economical.
Honestly, this publication is very valuable for me in terms of art, photography and information. Best regards @archbitsmith

Thanks @marcybetancourt. They are indeed easy and economical to make, and I would encourage you to give it a try.

Surely I will try. The link you provide has all the instructions

This is amazing! A new era in demonstrating the incredible and unparalleled in photos. I send you many congratulations♡♡

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