Cathedral Contemplation.

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I was pleasantly surprised with how this one came out. :)
I almost didn't even edit this one cause it didn't pull at me very strong and then I just thought I'd give it a try and work on it for fun a lil to see what it looked like and...
Wow... It ended up being so nice looking that I think this one might even be seller quality.
I like how the tree line kinda mirrors the clouds, that's neat.
It's just a sort of regular everday kind of shot, yet I'm blown away by just how good this one looks, the colors and depth and angle are like stunning and mesmerizing to me.

I'm really excited all of a sudden, this new camera is awesome and I'm really pleased with some of the images I've been getting!
I have a feeling that this is going to be a trend and that this is just getting started and I'm going to get some more good shots before too much longer. :D
I guess we'll see how it goes, though I've got some positive energy and sentiments and I'm looking forward to getting out there more and getting some great pictures.
Anyways... I guess that's it for me for now, I hope your day is going well and seeya later!


That is a great photo. It is a good thing that you decided to edit it. It has a lot of detail and interest and I agree that the clouds really add something to it. Nice one

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Word buddy. Happy to know you think so. :) I appreciate hearing what you have to say.

Excellent shot, the sky is wonderful and all the colors are very nice. It's another beauty!

Thanks dad! It is another beauty I agree. And yes I also think the sky is wonderful and the colors are nice too. I had no idea this one would turn out so well. This camera rocks!

That's a really nice shot that you got there... and even better than it wasn't even edited! It's a great start to your teamup with your new camera!

I have featured you and this post for a Curation Contest here:

You can also join the fun here:

Thanks bengy! I appreciate it and also that you shared my image! As I mentioned in my other response to it, it was edited. I think you misread something there.
I would like to play in the PIFC game, though I'm not sure if now is a good time as I'm super overwhelmed and having trouble finding time to do everything I need to do. But, if I get a moment I'll drop on by and try it out and if not hopefully I get a chance to play in the future cause I've wanted to support the PIFC more for a long time as I really appreciate the work being done there.

Thanks again and peace my friend!

No problem... yes, I did misread the part about editing... (almost didn't edit... reading and comprehension fail!).

Anyway, I make a little file with authors that I come across in my reading on STEEM, and when the time comes, I've got a nice list of people that I can quickly put into a post! It really saves me the time that I would have to hunt around when I'm actually trying to write the post!

Ah. Understood. And hmmm.. That's pretty clever. :) Very smart of you.

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Awesome picture! Thanks for sharing with us.
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Thanks viking-ventures! You're welcome for sharing it. I appreciate the feature by bengy. :) I'll do my best to keep up the good work and I will consider it. I've wanted to show support to that contest since the beginning though have been very tied up. I hope to try it out one of these days. :)

Excellent photo, indeed! Now that the Winter is going away, the evening sky colours get more and more exciting! 😎

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Thanks! Glad to hear you think it's an excellent photo.
This one was filmed closer to the start of winter I think... But yes, I do think all the different seasons have interesting things to show us! :)

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