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RE: Abandoned Iceland - The DC Plane Wreck

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Yeah, he's not kidding! The weather conditions were unbearable. That's how Daniel looked behind his camera:


By the way, I love the post. You brought back so many nice memories to me, from that day. Even though at that time it seemed like we gonna regret it :)). Thank you! It's a pleasure, travelling with you :)


Nothing like a little wind and rain to wake you up!! Makes one appreciate snow! Not really, but I felt I had to say something interesting.

I would choose snow over rain, any day of the week :)

Don't ever move to Ireland ;o)

Haha, why?? Too much rain?

Bingo!! :o) It was actually sunny today though 21 degrees... But it rains a lot, especially in the West where I grew up..

I'll bet you would....rain is crappy. When I was in BC last time it rained almost everyday. I don't know how my son got used to it. But he did. At least it isn't the driving rain that you experienced in Iceland. What's the weather like in Sofia.

It's warm in Sofia :) 27°C is expected by the end of the week. Does he live in Vancouver? Wikipedia says that Vancouver has an average of 161 rainy days per year.

It does.....he lives an hour north of'd love it is so beautiful and clean and happy. It's my happy place :)

It's a tough place to live bc it's surrounded by rain forests and being on the coast there is a lot of rain. A lot!!
In the summer months it's amazing - but their weather has changed substantially. Once upon a time no one had air conditioning units - it was not needed but now they have hot and humid temperatures for about two months. At night though the temperature falls to the high 50's.

We are still in the throws of winter - we had another blast yesterday. Today is a bit sunny but cold and we have snow on the ground.Next week we have milder temps in the 50's and sun so that should dry things out a bit and feel more like spring :)

Squamish is apparently also a very popular filming location :)) I can't believe though how much it rains there! 88 inches yearly precipitation on average - that is crazy.

Enjoy the warmer weather, Deb! :)

Squamish is very popular for filming , yes!! We always see the production signs around when we visit. And then occasionally we'll watch a movie or tv show and I'll say - I've been there, there too!

aw. you two are wonderful. I would love to work in difficult conditions, there is an excellent

Thanks @artizm :) I would assume the weather rarely gets bad in Izmir :)

This photo illustrates perfectly what was going on :) Such journeys always make for great memories! I am now laughing at the fact that I had to drive the car with my shoes off 😁 It was a pleasure travelling with you too, Agi! I enjoyed every bit of our trips :)

By the way, I look forward to reading your take on the plane wreck.

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