Lagee Aneuk Miriek

in photocircle •  last year

Miriek is a common bird seen around grassland and rice fields in Aceh. After trying to do a quick search from various sources, I sure the bird is female P. p. philippinus from the ploceidae family or otherwise known as streaked weaver.

Setting: ƒ/5.6; 400.0 mm; 1/2000; 640

Rice farmers in our place regard this bird as a pest, negative connotations are often likened to a community of noisy people. Lagee aneuk miriek (Like a group of streaked weaver birds)

The rice fields are not cultivated so it looks like grasslands, where I shot miriek birds there. The place on the hillside is experiencing the distress of water distribution for agriculture.

CameraCanon EOS 6D
LensCanon EF100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM
Photograph by@vannour


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rice farmers think that's a pest?
whoa! this is why birds fly high in most places in Asia

they think this bird is a pest?
how do they call themselves specially when they're wearing those plastic outfits while spraying poison in their rice fields?

oh well, sad fact


That's some humans in our place today because birds disturb their plants.

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Oh My God....
you really make me fall in love with your photos brother. you caught my eyes. absolutely, it's stunning, wonderful, best. I hope someday i can see you to learn more about photography.
take me as your student... please...!

I always find it very difficult to take pictures of birds ... somehow I'm not fast enough or not patient enough .. You did that wonderfully. Great bird photos!

Nice photos, especially the last one. What are the structures in the background?