Macrophotography: Liquid granules at the tip of the injection and human face

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Hi ... Steemians ...

Some time ago, I was present at an event held by health workers in a building in Lhokseumawe City area, Aceh Province, Indonesia. As a journalist, I was invited to cover activities of medical personnel.

In one corner of room, I saw an injection that still had fluid in it. So, using a macro lens, I tried to take pictures, with aim of having photo macro.

Initially, by pressing of syringe, the liquid inside it depends on tip of needle. Then, my macro lens points towards liquid in which there is shadow of human face.

The following is of of fluid image, which is in liquid droplets of human face:


Click on image to view full screen

Camera : Canon EOS 760D

Photograph : @saifuelbahrie


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Awesome shot.

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