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Satria Standing On His Back Legs

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Train The Horse

On this very sunny day in August the sun is fiercely emitting its brightest light. I just watched the news of a recent fire in my province Aceh, a barbershop stall on fire, then also in South Aceh where a shop in a market caught fire, then last night the forest in a Aceh Besar was burning where the fire could be seen from the city of Banda Aceh. Is this the effect of the dry season weather or is it human error?

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When A Horse Forgot How To Run

Yes like today when our horse training schedule is also accompanied by amazing weather. Like you can feel it's hot at your skin but fortunately the trees make good shade and we take place there on the shadows who growing in a row around the grounds of this city park. Satria the horse had something strange at his footsteps. We call it like just learning to wear high heels. When you not let the horse walk and run out of their room for long time then they might forget how to run on trot, canter and maybe gallops just like insomnia. And that's not good for the horse. Especially a beautiful and wealth horse.

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Put The Saddle On

Since being picked from the morning, Satria the horse was prepared, like get cleaning his body, being given breakfast and drinking, after everything was okay, then put his saddle on and then walk out of the stable which guided by Coach Vrya Abu Tuah and Coach Herman Abi Siti from Pordasi Langsa City to the middle field.

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There have been many spectators waiting, wanting to see how riding training is like. Then the coach brought the horse around the field like a circle then stopped, the coach Herman put his stirrups in order to get on the horse and sit well on his saddle. So the training session starts with a walk, then asking the horse for the trot also a canter.

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