The Left Handed.

The lefthanded.jpg

Stencil Street Art.

Technical Information:
  • Canon EOS 400D. - Sigma 18/200mm. Lens.
  • Lighting: Natural. - No Accessories.

  • anigif_ult2.gif




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    Is it not Jimi?

    Yeahh! 😊😉

    El pobrecito tiene la cabeza a nivel de los perros. ¡Le van a profanar!

    jajajjaj no creo yo k los perros se atrevan ;) les hace un solo de guitarra que los deja fritos! :P jajajja

    Super colors my friend .)

    :) ehy sakura! how u doing? Thanks so much, glad u liked them :) Have a great week!

    I'm fine thanks .) how are you?
    Yep really like that health to your hands ,) thank you so much you too my friend .)

    :) great in here thank u! :) just a little thing going wrong,,,, it's monday!!! hahah :P but not for so long already :) enjoy the week sakura!

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