Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas!

Monther Nature gave us a perfect Christmas Eve sunset.
from Ocean Park, Santa Monica California






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Merry Christmas, Frohe Weihnachten, dear armentor!

Thank you my friend. Merry Chirstas to you as well! Cheers!!

Amazing shots man! The new GRiii is paying off I see.

Thanks brotha. I still have much to learn on this new toy. So many options.

I'll come down and show you how to use it! Just youtube it mang!

You show me the way? Almost funny, just like hockey, skateboarding, surfing!

Hockey yes, but I show'd you da way on how to surf... all you do is boggieboarding!!!

Hey @armentor, I am glad to see you again and it is nice to have such beautiful sunset once again in Steemit.

We also wishing you Merry Christmas and hope everything with you and your family is well!

Thanks you @stef1! And I hope your Christmas came with good health and happiness as well!

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This photo was taken about 300 Feet South of the Cliff House in San Francisco...
BELL 2....jpg
December 26, 2020... 17.8 Hollywood Time...

Great shot!

Thanks... I thought it looked like a Bell...
December 27, 2020... 17.8 Hollywood Time...

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